Profitable City Edge Post Office & Lotto BF-0894

Post Office and Lotto Commission $250,000 aprox per year Rent: $2300 per month (incl insurance) Very stabilize Post office & Lotto Business in a well location around city edge. Same owner is running more than 18 years for this business at a low rent. This Stand Two Terminal Post Office is continually showing solid growth and performs the almost full range of Post Office services including Photo and working with children interviews as well as a comprehensive range of ID Checks, EIS services etc. Confidentiality agreement is required. For further information please contact Lee Xia on 0433 253 998 E: lee.xia@balancerealestate.com, Balance Business & Real Estate Level 1, Suite 6, 695 Burke Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124, T: 03 9939-5659 / 03 9939-1910 F: 03 9939-1439, W: www.balancerealestate.com, E: balancecc@outlook.com