Lease with us

Balance Business and Real Estate offers property management services to serviced apartments, residential and commercial properties around Melbourne. With more than 5 years’ experience and various types of properties in our portfolio we are a professional and friendly property manager in Melbourne.

Our Property Managers are highly experienced, skilled and trained individuals who are committed to providing a first-class experience for owners and tenants alike. They are bilingual in English and Chinese that can provide you easy communication and effective service.


To Owners, we guarantee:


*  Minimum property vacancy time to ensure that there is no loss of rental income for any

*  More reliable tenants, we will verify the application tenants are qualified by calling
their previous rental agents

*  More stable rental income, we will contact application tenants' employers to ensure their
financial capability

*  Reasonable management fees, so that you feel that all value for money

*  More timely and effective communication, our friendly staff are trained to direct your
call to the best person to help you

 Well maintenance of your property , ensuring you remain competitive in the market place
and that your asset continues to increase in value

*  More systematic rental invoice statement, so that you will be absolutely clear of the
income and expenditure

 Minimum arrears, we will always send reminder text as well as actually call in the event
that a tenant fails to pay their rent on time

*  We will issue notice of termination if agreement frustrated and find another better tenants

To Tenants, we guarantee:


*  Update your rental application in time to ensure your move in

*  Provide you with a copy of all rental documents, so that you have enough time to ask
questions before signing the contract

*  Absolutely secure and regular rental management process, so the whereabouts of your funds
will not worry you

*  Regularly arrange  private visits to learn more about your needs after your stay

*   Will remind you before the lease contract expires, making sure you have enough time to move

*   We are very happy to offer you an extension lease if you needed

*  Call us at any time and our friendly staff will do our best to help you